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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weird Words

I just received from Amazon a book I saw an article about in the newspaper and ordered right away. It's called "The Wonder of Whiffling", and it contains unusual words in the English language, including regional dialects, old words, wrods from the US, Jamaica, and other English-speaking places around the world.

It is full of the most ostrobogulous (bizarre and interesting) words, very useul for the person with onomatomania (vexation in having difficulty finding the right word). I am quite pysmatic (always asking questions), but when I found that my fore-buttocks (breasts) were in a dead heat in a Zeppelin race (admiring description of large breasts), I thought it must have been written by a lovertine (someone addicted to sex).


Anonymous said...

I have onomatomania all the time. Of course, I'm going to forget this word the minute I want to use it...

SnarkAngel said...

I'm sure I'll remember these words tomorrow ... well... if I come back to this blog and re-read it 20 times. Hee.

Eliza said...

I won't remember any of those words consciously, but when I'm watching a quiz on tv they may just resurface :-)

jazzy said...

LOL! Funny words.
I read "Mother Tongue: The English Language" by Bill Bryson. He says, England is reigning world champion of creating new words.
I like the idea; language is a living thing.

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