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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I STILL haven't capped this episode. I suppose the truth is that I just don't like it. Some episodes are yucky, some are average, but this one just leaves me cold. One day I'll have to cap it, but meanwhile I just avoid it, and I'm really not sure what it is that repels me.

So instead, I'll just post some of those Utah pictures that Diane treated us to. I don't think it's possible to see too much of them.

Thanks to the dear man who snapped these and shared them.


Diane said...

...and to VDOonSD for the link to Jeff's pictures, and to Vincent's mom and dad for 'making' him, and to Vincent D'Onofrio for existing at all! DAMN but he's sooooooo F I N E :0)

judith said...

I love the way vincent put his hand on the other man's arm as they were shaking hands.what a nice man he is.x

jazzy said...

He's the new definition of D'ivinity.

Laura said...

Totally agree with Di, infinite thanks to his parents for 'making' him!!! He's so 'BONO'!!! (English translation: ggggggorgeousssssssssss, also drooling!!)..what a nice hands he has...they become wonderful every time passing...XD

fuzzytweetie said...

~~~~~unable to form coherent thoughts~~~~~

ann said...

... he sure does look good

as for that episode he says Ann over 20 times... aaaaaaaaaah

Eliza said...

Now you made me think which I would have from Graansha or these..on balance I went for these becasue he just looks so good..and he has aged awfully well :-D

SnarkAngel said...

Yes, Eliza. Like fine wine ... he becomes more delectable with age!

Frances said...

Love the cuff links. Nice touch.

JoJo said...

Damn I wish I'd known he was gonna be in Utah. My bff Charlene moved to Salt Lake City a year ago and it would've been a great excuse to visit her!!!!!

As to Graansha, it's not a fave of mine either, although I do find the Shelta language fascinating.

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