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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Inside Story

I've just been to Basric's blog, and she has some interesting news which leads me to believe that, if we can put enough pressure on USA, the outcome of this disaster might still be averted.


BASRIC said...

The stockholders must make as much money as possible. They DON NOT want to pay Vincent's and Kate's salary and one won't stay without the other. So again maybe we can push enough that our Special Guest star becomes a regular again by the next season. If Goldblum's numbers go down, begin e-mailing ladies.

Anonymous said...

Personally, now Vincent has made a 'statement' to the press, I think that's it - there's no way back, but I'm still INCENSED they're even suggesting he 'guests' on his own damn show, so that if Goldblum fucks it up ( a dead certainty!), Vincent will ride to USA's rescue *fumes* Like I've said before, I hope he tells them to shove it!

jazzy said...

The industry is all about money - Surprised???

The fact that Vince & Kate were willing to take a half pay cut is just another proof that they are wonderful persons.

Tess said...

Why am I not surprised that the morons at NBC think Jeff Goldblum can carry CI?! Well, hang onto your hats idiots, the show is going to tank. Kiss all of that lovely money goodbye!

mauigirl said...

Does the success of Raines ring a bell? For those of you who don't know, Raines was a TV show a couple years ago on NBC starring Jeff Goldblum as a quirky detective. Did it even survive one season, or was it half a season?

Anonymous said...

You know, its the advertisers that rake in the dough...let USA know that not only will you not be watching the show but that you will be boycotting the sponsors of the "Jeff Goldblum Show"....that's what I really don't like about him - he's not a "character" - he's just Jeff Goldblum in everything he does. Yuck.

SnarkAngel said...

Thanks, Val. Went to the USA site and sent them my "two cents."

Frances said...

Just saw this comment on twitter

gorenrocks >>As of today, #VDO, Vincent D'Onofrio was Number Three on Yahoo's Today's Top Ten Searches. HUZZAH!

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