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Friday, September 18, 2009


I just moseyed on over to the Hallmark Channel Website, and there it is in black and white.

Well, orange and white, actually.

Season 8 starts on October 15th.

Cristmas is coming early this year!


JoJo said...


cathy said...

I hate Greece!
I haven't seen all season 3 yet :(

jazzy said...

Happy viewing!

SnarkAngel said...


Eliza said...

Isn't it nice that we finally caught up? Don't think it gives me an excuse to have Sky though, so I'll just watch my dvds in time with you :-)

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Hallmark don't send me the C.I. alerts I signed up for (several times over) - time to get some new blank DVD's then :0)

Sophie said...

Glad you are finally getting season 8. We are sweating out IF there will be a season 9 over here. AND what is worst..(see the latest news--about an hour old--) the only "for sure" cast/character members returning are Ross and Rodgers! How is that for a row of beans? As the writer of the article put it, "USA is "f--kin' it up again"!! Here is hoping for some better news!

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