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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Family Values

I've decided that Bobby now looks strange without the face fur. It took me a while to get used to looking at these again.


Anonymous said...

That painting in the 5th picture is giving Bobby the once-over. Not that I'm surprised, being Bobby and all, but it's still kinda creepy.

PurpleVixen7 said... kissable..and very YUMMY face smooth shaven..SLURPPP!!;)))

jazzy said...

He wouldn't have time to shave his beard if he was with me. But he could use his "razor" on me anytime.

Laura said...

You're right Purple, very very very kissable..if I look him again I immediately burn...He's too hotttt!!!XD XD XD

fuzzytweetie said...

Jazzy.......his razor, strop, cream.....He can use whatever he wants to, right?!!

Music Wench said...

I still prefer him shaved but I got used to the facial hair after a while. Hey, I don't care how long his hair is or whether or not he's got facial hair or whether he's heavy or thin. I'll take him any way I can get him. ;-)

SnarkAngel said...

Well said, Music Wench!

Eliza said...

It was nice to see the bloke from Silver Lining back again..they have a good chemistry.

As a fan of the beard I wasn't sure how I'd feel when he went back to shaving..not surprisingly I decided I didn't care because he looks good whatever :-D

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