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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sleep? What's that?

Well, Dandy spent the night misjudging gaps and bashing into door jambs even when the door was wide open. Shelley was not amused with having a usurper in "his" room. I was limited to about 2 square inches of bed. Unless one of the cats wanted them, too.

I was very disappointed not to be able to find a good picture of the vet, John, who really is very handsome. I first came across him when he bought the practice, and he came to my mother's house to see to one of her cats. It was a hot day, and with his big boots and rolled-ever hiking socks he was wearing co-ordinating mid-thigh length shorts and lovely, shapely, tanned legs in between.

The reason Dandy and Beano go here, and not my usual vet's, is that when mum's last cat died and mum went into sheltered accommodation, I rather wanted to keep "in touch" with him. I mean, he's a very funny guy and a good vet, too.
A few years ago he was lucky he didn't lose his excellent skills as a surgeon when a garden cane went through his hand. Considering the wonderful job he did on Beano's eye and now on Dandy's nose (not to mention his torn 3rd eyelid and an infected ear in between) that would have been a big loss.
When I was a child, the vet practice was known as Butcher and Wilson, which I always thought was rather unfortunate.


Tess said...

They actually gave you 2 inches of space? You have very generous cats ;)

JoJo said...

Your cats are more generous than my doggie Pepper. She claims half the bed. Unfortunately, the half she claims happens to be dead center. Woe to me if I get up to use the washroom in the middle of the night, as she stretches out as far as she can, leaving me to come back to about 6" of space.

Eliza said...

As Tess said, you have generous cats..we don't let ours into our bedroom anymore, there just isn't room for 2 adults and 4 cats in a small double bed. However there is plenty of room for them on 3 single beds and a in each place normally, although the 'stray' that comes in to eat can occasionally be found on the sofa too :-)

Turned in to rather a long comment, sorry. Meant to say that finding a vet you get on with is a very good thing these days, especially when so many vets seem to chnage practices just as you get used to them

SnarkAngel said...

With so many fur children, it's good to know that you have a strong relationship with your vet, Val. I'm actually not that thrilled with my current vet practice (they rotate doctors on you), and may soon be looking for a new vet clinic.

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