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Saturday, July 04, 2009


Yesterday evening saw one of the most tragic domestic fires in recent history, in Camberwell, SE London. A blaze in one flat in a large 12-storey block spread to other floors. Six people died, including 3 children, one a 3-week-old baby.


SnarkAngel said...

So sorry to hear about this. Absolutely horrible! Do the authorities know yet what caused the fire?

val said...

Not yet, Snark. There were thoughts that it may have started in a communal area, maybe a staircase, but in a video that wouldn't post a fireman said it looked like it started in a 9th floor flat. Everyone's windows were open because the weather was so hot, and that helped the spread.

Eliza said...

I saw this on Yahoo this morning :-(

I've never liked the idea of living in a block, but I know for a lot of people there isn't a choice.It frightens me just how fast that fire spread...I guess we have to be thankful that they managed to rescue 30+ people.It could have been so much worse

Frances said...

Very sad horrifying for everyone.

JoJo said...

OMG! They showed this on our news too, b/c I remember saying to Brian, "That looks like the building where Rose Tyler and her mom lived in Doctor Who."

Anonymous said...

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