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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Remember Jazzy's Challenge?

Last year, Jazzy set us a video challenge. This was my offering:

This is also a good chance to remember the wonderful George Harrison, whose death passed without even a tiny fraction of the attention Michael Jackson's got, despite his having been a member of the most important group of popular musicians ever.

No, I am NOT biased!


judith said...


Anonymous said...


jazzy said...

aaaaah the challenge. we had so much fun! and what a joy it was to watch all these great videos.
thanks for reposting this one.

besides, i'm glad there isn't a vincent/jackson video out there.

fuzzytweetie said...

I know how you meant that jazzy but, my perverted little mind went in the other direction. If anyone could pull off playing Michael Jackson in a video, the "Human Chameleon" could do it!

Eliza said...

I remember the challenge too :-D

I'm glad you decided to repost this one, it's definitely worth a second look.

P.S. Don't get me started on the furore surrounding's been blown way out of proportion

SnarkAngel said...

A LOVELY answer to Jazzy's challenge! And I agree ... the whole Jackson thing has been blown WAAAAAAAAAY out of proportion!

Sophie said...

Eliza is so right about MJ being blown out of proportion!! I purposely haven't watched the news or read a paper in the past week. With all due respect to one who died....I'm glad this circus is on its way to an end (hopefully)!! Again, I really don't want to get started on it either. Shame on it all!!

sixtwosue said...

I think it's a mixed blessing to have such a huge public reaction to one's death. At least George is remembered with dignity. I was walking by the Dakota a couple of weeks back and it's like a carnival across the street there, with vendors selling all kinds of John Lennon tchotchke (and my vague memories of Lennon's death was that it got lots of media attention). Anyway, you just know the same thing will happen with Jackson, although they won't allow that nonsense at Forest Lawn.

Anonymous said...

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