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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lady's Man

Bless Photobucket! Apparently the link to my album is broken. That's the service we pay for.

Anyway, as I was finally in a position to post my pictures from this new episode (thanks to the wonderful Eliza) I decided to post a few directly from my hard drive. As usual on Blogger, the order is arbitrary.

Who do you think was having most fun in this episode - Bobby or Vincent?


Anonymous said...

I think Vincent enjoys it when Bobby gets to 'play'. It was a wonderful episode. I especially liked 'Does he have to be here?' - LOL!

SnarkAngel said...

A playful Bobby is a SEXY Bobby! So yeah ... I ADORED this eppy!

Frances said...

... and doesn't he look gorgeous

Eliza said...

I think Vincent has fun when Bobby gets to play..which is what Diane said anyway :-D

Glad you managed to get pictures posted despite photobucket..well worth the effort

jazzy said...

Oh man, he looked so incredibly sexy in this episode!

Anonymous said...

Had funny......



UR choice movie at your place

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