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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fishy Story, continued

OK, is the fish in the picture of the Great Skankky alive or dead? (Still can't find an online copy.) Thing is, she's publicising a programme about the good cause of the destruction of tuna and other sealife by the use of the vast mile-long trawl nets. If, as the blurb says, the fish she is holding is a cod, and is dead - well, they're already known to be endangered, so it kind of misses the point.


VDO'obessed said...

It looked dead to me. Just like her career. *LOL*

Like I said I don't understand the point of being naked. If it had something to do with fur, I'd get it, but fish??

How many people do you see wearing the latest fish scale fashions from Paris??

Do something that pertains to fish or fishing!! Not something to try and breathe some air into your dying and aging ego!!

jazzy said...
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fuzzytweetie said...

Now, now kind.

Even a dead fish needs to work in this economy.

jazzy said...

I'm just most thankful that a fish (dead or alive) covers her naked body.
Any bet, the fish WISHES he has been dead when he was so close to her. LOL!!

SnarkAngel said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the fish expired after it's encounter with GS???? Just a thought....

Anonymous said...

Great columns.....



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