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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Thirteenth Floor

I'm so glad I finally found out how to turn off subtitles on PowerDVD, 'cos in my early days of VDO film collecting I saw something on Ebay called "Passe Virtuel". I should have realised that it was The Thirteenth Floor. Anyway, as I didn't have a copy of that film, all was not lost. Except for the subtitles.

Well, they are gone. First effort today was the wrong proportions, so I have barely done half the movie, but that's nothing unusual for me.

So without further ado, I welcome you to the Ashton and Whitney Show.


PurpleVixen7 said...

Love that 20's haircut,even he is ablond..dressed like that,with that ring on his finger..UUU..BABY,BABY..YOU ARE SO HOTTT!!!;)))

jazzy said...

ash is pure sex!

fuzzytweetie said...


What a mighty fine may-un!!!!

SnarkAngel said...

Two completely different men ... each so sexy and complex in his own way ... only ONE actor could make that possible!

Eliza said...

Val: I will never get tired of watching Whitney and Ashton so I'm glad you managed to get rid of the subtitles too. I look forward to seeing the rest :-D

Jazzy, while I agree with you up to a point I have to put a word in for Whit..he's pretty damn sexy too, and he can fix your computer, what more do you need? :-p

jazzy said...

eliza, i almost see you and whit sitting in front of a huge computer, fixing... ummm... "things". while ash would mix one cocktail after another for me; i don't even drink, but - hey!
you see why 13th floor is one of my fave films? you can drool about 2 men at once.

Anonymous said...

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