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Friday, June 19, 2009

Naked Tango

My apologies for not satisfying my readers' lusts yesterday. After driving down to see my friend's new Abyssinian kitten, I went to a garden centre. I spent ages looking for what I needed - including the wherewithal to make a garden pond in a tub - as well as the large bags of wild bird feed I use in the garden feeders. When I got home (and unable to park near my house, I had to lug my booty halfway along the street) I had to put the pond together before the plants died. There was just enough time to eat before going to the planning meeting for next Tuesday's local assembly.

Now I just heard that the dreaded OFSTED (Office for STandards in EDucation) is visiting my school next Tuesday and Wednesday. So Monday's training day is off, and I have no lessons planned; Tuesday's outing to pick strawberries is off, and I have no lessons planned. And as my lessons are all planned in my planner (no, really?) and that is in school, not to mention I need an actual sheet of paper with a plan on to give the inspector, I suppose the very least I will have to do this weekend is design a lesson plan master sheet.

Not to mention that the assembly I spent so much time planning, I will now be too knackered to attend!

Oh, nearly forgot - the new LOCI G/E episode should arrive from Eliza on Tuesday, AND I WANT TO WATCH IT STRAIGHT AWAY! Boohoo!

Happy days. Time for the hot Cholo.


judith said...


fuzzytweetie said...


Not only does Cholo turn me on, he breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

*makes happy gurgling noises*

SnarkAngel said...

Val, sounds like Cholo is exactly what the doctor would order for YOU after meeting all those obligations and juggling that busy schedule! But nevermind, I think I'll keep him for myself! LOL

bd fan said...

DELICIOUS and Vincent can lead me anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Great article....



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