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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Who New

So, the new Doctor Who is Peter Capaldi. That makes 2 out of 12 Doctors I've seen with my own eyes, in person.

Tom Baker passed me at Charing Cross Station years ago. Peter Capaldi walked past me in the street a couple of years back. I seem to recall he went into a cake shop or cafe.

See how sad I am? I think this is a big enough deal to make a post about, even more than remembering a week or two ago that I once worked with someone who was on a plane with the world's first female elected head of state, Mrs Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, putting me at two degrees of separation.


JoJo said...

Did you see my fave Doctor, Chris Eccleston? And Dave Tennant? I've not heard of this actor selected to play the 12th Doctor. To be honest, I kinda lost interest after Tennant's first year.

Anonymous said...

Because I seem NOT to watch things everyone else does, I've never heard of him, althought his face looks vaguely familiar....

Eliza said...

I was so hyped up about the show last night that I was clock watching from about 5..which is sad in itself..that I made everyone be quiet through the show is even sadder lol

I've never watched 'In The Thick Of It' but I have seen him in other things, including his Doctor Who episode and his Torchwood appearances.I think he'll be good, and I hope people will give him time to settle in to the role before they make decisions on whether they keep watching or not

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