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Monday, August 05, 2013

Awful Pretty, Pretty Awful

First the good part. At the end of July I took my friend Rob to London Zoo. I really needed to see the baby Malayan tapir before he lost his stripes.

I was lucky. His stripes are beginning to disappear under his adult grey back, but he's still stripey and sweet as anything.

 photo DSC03082_zps4dafe879.jpg

 photo DSC03084_zps42b2308f.jpg

 photo DSC03088_zpsa2983ef7.jpg

The Francois langurs have a new baby, but unlike the adults the babies are ginger. You can just about see the baby's head and part of its body.

 photo DSC03089_zps816cf980.jpg

Meanwhile, my expensive summer continues - though luckily not quite as expensive as it could have been. On Saturday I came downstairs to find that my shower had flooded the kitchen, which is below the bathroom. The ceiling was stained from floodwater from a leaky gutter last year, and I still haven't had the stains painted over. Just as well. As I walked to the shops on Saturday afternoon, I was determined to ask every neighbour I met if they could recommend a good plumber. The first one I met said she'd recently had a similar problem, but the plumber was supplied but the company that insures her pipework. A light bulb lit up in my brain. Didn't I have just such an insurance policy? I checked when I got home, and I did. A plumber came out today and, instead of as I'd imagined ripping up the floor tiles and floorboards, he sawed holes in the ceiling:

The company will send someone out to patch the holes, but the repainting is down to me. This year, next year, sometime, never...


JoJo said...

That tapir is ADORABLE!!!!!! Sorry about the leak and flood though. When we had a leak, our insurance company said it wasn't covered. :(

sixtwosue said...

I've got one of those leaks, too, but no cool zoo nearby to take my mind off of it. What a cutie!

Tess said...

What a sweet little baby that Tapir is!

I had a huge leak a few months ago...Wall torn out, floor ripped up...Fortunately my insurance paid for all of it :)

Eliza said...

The tapir is adorable..I think he was in the tv show wasn't he?

We had a leak in our bedroom last week, the overflow to the water tank wasn't working so it was coming over the top..thankfully as renters our landlord covered the repair, although we have to paint the ceiling when it dries out

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