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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Savagery in the name of religion

A soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby, hacked to death in a London street. The murderers, purporting to be Muslims, talking to anyone who would film them on their mobile phones. The blood of the victim still on their hands and weapons.

The vicious killers waiting around for the police to arrive (some say 20 minutes later, even though the police station is just around the corner; even the police say 14 minutes) so that they could advance on them and get shot. Women passers-by approaching the victim hoping they could help or protect him, but he was already dead, almost beheaded.

Really, who wants to live in a world like this?

I am even more certain that religion is only ever, ultimately, a force for evil. Let's leave the caves and acknowledge that we no longer need this mythology to make sense of the world. Because on days like this, it clearly only makes nonsense of the world.


judith said...

Your words are very true Val.

JoJo said...

What the....? That's really messed up. What a world this is. :( My god is better than your god and I'll kill you to prove it.

vikeau said...

I heard this story on BBC overnight and was simply overcome with grief. However, hearing how people from the area spoke about the tradegy gives me hope--especially religious persons who cursed(and I mean cursed) the actions of these cowards. Stay strong in the face of this atrocity (sic).

Eliza said...

It makes me so sad that any good done by religion/religious organisations is outdone by the bad things done in their name..and it's something that happens across the board

I'm also sad about how some people view this incident as a way to further their own 'cause'..I have no doubt the ferocious EDL got a few new members this week.. :(

Sandy said...

Very well said, Eliza.

Anonymous said...

I appear to have woken up in the 12th century.....
Thank god I'm an atheist.

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