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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Is it time to rest yet?

Another b****** of a week.

Monday was a wash-out because of the weather. Up at sparrow fart in case of a last-minute job, of which there was none, so spent the day faffing around and dozing.

On Tuesday I got the call to go to the Sixth Form site of an autistic school I often teach at. Edgy but nice. They are only two weeks into their new building and are still settling down. Maybe tomorrow it will be sunny and I can go to a zoo or something.

But no. In the late afternoon a call from an agency set me up for a day's work on Wednesday, at a Pupil Referral Unit in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. (A PRU is for the kids expelled from mainstream schools for chronic behaviour problems.) Spent hours agonising on which of about five routes would be best.

On the day, almost every route was clogged with traffic jams, so I kept ignoring the Satnav and eventually arrived in good find the promised street parking was residents only. Sent to a nearby road and all was well. Spent two big chunks of the day sitting with a reasonably well-behaved boy while he took an exam. Finished just after 2.30, which was lucky, as I just had time to do a supermarket shop on the way home, before taking myself off to a local meeting, followed by a farewell drink for our co-ordinator, who has lost his job due to cuts.

Thursday had already been booked for the school where I do my regular Fridays. A couple of the kids were hyper, and the day ended I headaches for all staff. Wanted to go straight home for a relaxing rest, but pet supply shopping came first.

Friday was a bit less fraught than Thursday, but the evening was not very relaxing as I kept remembering my Saturday afternoon concert.

The theme was Spring (wishful thinking)  and the accompanist had found a copy of the song I wanted to sing (Tulips From Amsterdam) but had forgotten to bring it with him. Then I discovered that my alternative (Here Comes The Sun) was down as an "also", so I ended up singing both.

More shopping on the way home, collapsed in front of the TV to find...nothing much worth watching, as I'd already missed the LOCI Season 10 reruns.

Hey Ho.


Sandy said...

Val, sounds like most of my days, although you are much more on the go than me. I just am stuck here a t home with my 88 yr. old mother trying to keep everything running smooth, without turmoil which includes a daughter, granddaughter,husband, and two grand kids popping in. The little girl, 7 yrs. old is pretty high maintenance and trying to keep everybody happy is a real challenge. Sorry, don't mean to bitch.

JoJo said...

Wow busy week! And our traffic is starting to get bad b/c of the upcoming summer months, but a large part of this economy is tourist driven.

judith said...

It does sound like your busy.. I hope the coming week is a bit slower for you...

Eliza said...

Fingers crossed for a quieter week this week :)

Mine wasn't nearly so hectic, just hospital appointments with mum and an 18yr old daughter who seems to thrive on drama and conflict..which I just can't deal ended with her being banned from fb and having her SIM card snapped by me..which felt good for about 5 minutes before my normal guilt kicked in :)

Sandy said...

Yeah, Eliza, why do we have to get that old guilt feeling.? I guess it just comes with being a Mom.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder why my Sat Nav doesn't tell me off when I wilfully disobey it: 'I SAID, TURN RIGHT!'

I wish you a more tranquil week :0)

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