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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I haz a blankie!

JaeJae has a new comfort blanket. It looks to me like the fleece from the recently shorn llamas.

He loves it.

I'd really like to snuggle up next to him. Even if it cost an arm and a leg...

 photo DSC02994_zps47182d38.jpg

 photo DSC02996_zps57e89360.jpg


JoJo said...

Everyone needs a blankie!!!!! And yes, it might literally cost you and arm and a leg! lol

judith said...

Fabulous pictures...

Eliza said...

I can imagine how thick his fur must be, and how soft..but I don't think I fancy finding out for myself :)

He looks like a big kitten there, cuddling up with his furry

vikeau said...

Is this one of the kittens from a few years ago? My how he's grown. No those were the lion cubs. Anyway I'm not willing to find out just how soft and fuzzy he might be. I'm needing my apendages.

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