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Thursday, March 28, 2013


By special request.

Sadly, Botophucket, that amazingly incompetent photo site, has decided to rearrange my pictures in an order which is only non-random to them ie. 1, 10, 100; 18, 180 etc. The option to see the whole album has disappeared, with no alternative. And they also fail completely to answer any contacts.


 photo 13thFloor181.jpg


miss lee said...


JoJo said...

Love Whitney!!!!!!! I haven't mucked about much on Botophucket lately. Last year I maxed out my Picasa album on Blogger and they wanted me to pay, so I started uploading from Boto. But in Jan. it seems that I got a bunch of new space on Picasa so....

MrsClaire K said...

Somehow I prefer Ashton! ;-)

miss lee said...

Happy Birthday to Bev.

Eliza said...

Ah Whit..I'm sure I have a computer problem for you to sort out somewhere..maybe under my desk :D

val said...

Er, not Bev, Val.

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