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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tiger Territory

At last! Today was the big day - the preview day for London Zoo members to see the new tigers in their new territory. It didn't disappoint.

Unlike Photobucket, which has repeatedly failed to upload my pictures so I can make a slideshow. They don't answer queries any more, either, now they've imposed their new system on those who did not want it.

So here are some pictures direct from my computer, smaller than I would like, but lovely nonetheless.

There's a tiger-sized climbing frame.
   And a nice new pond.
Jae Jae seems to be master of all he surveys

Inside and out

But Melati has other ideas.

Fed up with sleeping...

...she remembers seeing Jae Jae off earlier.

And now she's arrived he's made a total retreat
and is nowhere to be seen.


Eliza said...

Beautiful animals in a much nicer setting than before I think..I can see that pond getting a lot of use when it warms up

Oh, the pictures go to fullscreen size when you click on them, so actually better than from photobucket

JoJo said...

Great new habit and wow those cats are big!!! Beautiful too, and powerful.

judith said...

Wonderful pics.

judith said...

Eliza's right they do go bigger when you click on them and they are just fabulous..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tiggers :0)

Having imposed their ridiculous half-working new system on us all,Botophucket,in their wisdom, have gone and added extra random 'tags' to pictures for 'security purposes', rendering it completely impossible to have pictures in any sort of 'order'. Being 'orderly', I find this extremely annoying and I'd like to rip the head off someone there...but, like you said, they've apparently removed any way to contact them. Nice! *FUMES*

Sandy said...

I've said before that the tiger has to be the most beautiful of all creatures big and small.

MrsClaire K said...

Nice ... though it would be even nicer to have them peacefully strolling around in their natural environment without the danger of getting shot.

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