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Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Honourable Vixen

Most of you will already know about Portia Da Costa, "Our Wendy" in normal life, who is a writer of erotic fiction. She hails from Yorkshire:

What I don't know is if the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon has hit the rest of the world. Just in case it hasn't, some bird has written an erotic novel (well, a 3-volume opus, really) that is being read by everyone everywhere. Not me, actually. I've heard it's badly written. Anyway, I have lots of stuff waiting to be read. But thanks to the 50 Shades phenomenon her publisher, Black Lace Books, is reissuing some titles, their principal offering being one of Wendy's:

It's the book of the week in some branches of the retailer WHSmith. Wendy/Portia came to the attention of the Vixens with her book "Entertaining Mr Stone", whose male lead character is based on Bobby Goren:

She then included him in a minor role in "Suite Seventeen", where the male character is one Valentino, who closely resembles Vincent's character in "The Velocity of Gary":

Wendy's books have the advantage over the 50 Shades books that they are well written. And both are still available on Amazon UK and US, as is In Too Deep - though to get the new soft-touch cover I think you will have to shop around.

In a brief post script, I'm glad to tell you that Wendy has just told me Our Man also appears in "In Too Deep". So that's a must-have, Vixens.
Sweet Dreams...


JoJo said...

Several of my friends are reading or have read 50 Shades. Some are calling it '50 Shades of Cliche', others were embarrassed and called it '50 shades of red'. The media calls it 'mommy porn'. I wish Portia's books got the publicity that this series is getting.

val said...

It looks as if they will get more publicity as publishers try to cash in on the hype. Good for her!

Eliza said...

The sticker on the cover of Wendys book should read 'If you hate Shades you'll love this'

I get a little bit annoyed when the media go on about 'Shades'..if they looked they'd know we've been enjoying better erotic novels for years

Heather said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather said...

I read the 50 shades series. I wasn't impressed. I thought they hardly had any sizzle to them, and they were way too predictable.

The editing on these books, if any was done at all was just horrible!

vikeau said...

I have not read "50 Shades" and very much doubt if I ever will. Good for Portia. I'd be more inclined to read her stuff given the recommendations.

ann said...

she originally wrote fan/fic but, however badly written the books may be, she is laughing all the way to the bank and I say good for her!

for quality she is certainly nowhere near as good as our dear Portia

Anonymous said...

I read the extracts from '50 shades' and about died laughing. I can't believe such utter crap is apparently so popular.

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