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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Check this out

Today, when I popped into the chemist's for some bits and pieces, the pharmacist offered me a free health check. He's just been on a course and was obviously eager to try out what he'd learnt.

I know what he thought. He'd be giving me lots of warnings and guidance. After all, I'm considerably overweight, I'm 59 and I don't exercise.

I was pretty sure he'd get a couple of surprises. And he did.

For example, my blood pressure used to be 90/60, the level at which in hospital dramas people start to peg out. But it has risen in recent years. I was quite anxious before my operation the other week, and it had gone up to 140+ over something-or-other.

Tha pharmacist's eyes nearly popped out of his head when my latest measurement was just 119/88. Apparently his is worse than mine.

Then there was the cholesterol. I knew it was low the last time it was done, some years ago, but he was amazed at the current levels: 3.62, of which the ratio of "good" cholesterols is 2.59. Apparently that's pretty low. Again, better than his.

Yes, my BMI is high (35.7) and I'm pretty inactive. Lots of aching joints will do that to you. He wants me to go for a diabetes test. Last time I had one of those, it was pretty good. Still, I'll indulge him. If I'm not going to have a fit old age, I might as well have a healthy one!


JoJo said...

I'm dreading going to the dr. b/c I don't want the exercise/lose weight lecture either. Just give me my prescription for my inhaler and get out of my face. lol

Eliza said...

Amazingly, despite (according to the charts) being morbidly obese, my cholesterol and sugar levels are always's lack of exercise that is my downfall, not eating badly :)

Don't you just love confounding people's expectations of you?

vikeau said...

Interesting--doctors are always so ready to scold you for being over weight and are on the ready to tell you of your imminent death and then stand there gapped mouth when they realize just how healthy you are.

ann said...

your readings are fantastic val - mine are nowhere as good and that's with medication.

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