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Friday, May 04, 2012

Saving London 2012 from air attack

If terrorists are planning to attack the London Olympics, then the joke is on us, because the remedy will probably be worse than the "cure". The idea is that, in the event on a possible air attack, ground-to-air missiles will be launched from strategic points around the capital. Including from the tops of residential tower blocks in London's east end - the part of the capital where the Games are to be held. Remember the London Marathon the other week, which begins near me on Blackheath? This is the heath looking roughly north-north-east:

This is the same view with missile launcher, taken on Wednesday or Thursday.

Missiles primed and ready to go?
And if they shoot down something that might have been threatening the Games? Where will the pieces fall, exactly?

Well, presumably somewhere else in the capital.

Just as long as it isn't the Games...


JoJo said...

Good lord I didn't even think about any possible terrorist threats during the Olympics!!! :( What a world we live in.

Tess said...

Hopefully all will be calm and peaceful!

Diane said...

...and if we DO do something, we'll probably spend the rest of eternity apologising - and giving out large amounts of money we don't have - for it. We are after all the nation that helpfully ferries captured Somalian pirates back to shore so that then can go 'pirating' again. Then again, if we didn't, we'd probably bring them here to house and feed them forever at the expense of the taxpayer. I love my country but we seem to have lost whatever plot we once had.....

val said...

JoJo, Munich 1972. I think security at subsequent Games has been pretty tight.

vikeau said...

Hopefully all will go well.

JoJo said...

I was still so little in 1972 that I have zero memory of what happened, other than I think that was the year Mark Spitz won a bunch of medals.

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