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Thursday, May 03, 2012


JJ, the dog whose family I work with, is very hard-done-by. He doesn't even have his own bed!

See what he's reduced to? Sleeping on the sofa (or sometimes his "mum's" bed). Poor baby.


JoJo said...

It's a dog's life. *sigh* My poor, neglected Sagan has the couch, his crate, the dog bed in the livingroom, the bed, my chair and Russell's chair to choose from. Pepper, odd little dog that she is, opts for the floor or the dog bed, and only occasionally my chair. Then at night she sleeps on the bed w/ me/us.

Eliza said...

If he did have his own bed he probably wouldn't use it...he looks much too comfortable on the sofa :)

vikeau said...

Oh you poor humans, you actually think those things belong to you. Your pets only choose to share with YOU. So I say just enjoy it.

Ruby said...

Wonderful photo, wonderful comments, all!

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