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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Essex Horde

A week or so ago I mentioned my trip to a craft village in Essex to get the inscription on my memorial ring to my darling Shelley redone, as they'd spelt his name wrong. JoJo espressed an interest in seeing the ring, and the earrings I bought. I finally got round to photographing them today.

These earrings are of glass made by the jeweller herself. Are they orange? purple? gold? pink? They go with almost everything I own!

The ring contains some of Sweet Shelley's ashes.

This is the clock I bought at the craft village. The maker bought the skeleton movement and then turned this case for it from English oak. It was love at first sight.


Ruby said...

All beautiful, Val!

judith said...

I think there're all fabulous.

Eliza said...

The earrings are just so you! Bright and colourful :D

I really like the ring, something that may need further investigation, although hopefully not for a long time.

As for the clock..makes me wish I had a mantlepiece :)

JoJo said...

COOL!! Loving all of it!!! I still have that necklace to send you in my craft room. I must get that out to you, if you still want it!!!

val said...

Oh, I do, JoJo. We do still need to find a way for me to pay you, though.

Eliza, I don't have a mantelpiece, either, but there are ways.

As for the ring, now's the time to start saving I preparation for your future loss - they cost £295!

vikeau said...

val those earrings are gorgous. I'm an earring junkie, I have a pair that are similar in style but far less colorful. Fantastic. Clock and ring are pretty cool as well.

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