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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Self-Made - Day 9

Bobby enjoys taunting as much as we enjoy watching him taunt.


Diane said...

There can't be many people Vincent has to look 'up' to!

Sandy said...

Yeah, I noticed in that epi. that he had to look up to that actor just a wee bit. Kind of fun to watch. Another actor that was a little taller was that painter who killed those girls that reminded him of his mean sisters and who was drawing Alex when Bobby came and flirted with her. I forget the name of the epi., but one of my faves.

JoJo said...

I love this cap! It's so cute!

val said...

The epi is The Posthumous Collection, Sandy.

The actor in this epi was also in The Unblinking Eye.

Eliza said...

I always love to see him play with people..and this bloke was so obnoxious he deserved everything he got

vikeau said...

He was a real sleazy guy. I'm glad Bobby took him down and his mentor as well.

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