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Friday, March 16, 2012

New Use for iPad + World's Worst Promotion

In case you haven't seen this, enjoy a humorous alternative to using modern technology:

There's also the funniest ever instore promotion doing the rounds, giving one possible reason why Tesco, Britain's most profitable supermarket, isn't doing as well as it was:


JoJo said...

Poop! I clicked on the vid and it said it was removed by the user. :(

sixtwosue said...

That ass fudge has nothing on the anus beef that made it into an ad in my paper a year or so ago.

val said...

If you go to YouTube and type in "iPad chopping board" there are other versions, hope one will play for you, JoJo.

vikeau said...

I bet the "ass fudge" is just flying off the shelves.

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