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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sad Centenary

It's a hundred years ago today since Captain Lawrence Oates uttered the famous words, "I'm going outside and may be some time." He then went out into a blizzard from the tent on the Scott team's return from the Antarctic, thinking that sacrificing his own life might save the rest of the team. He had severe frostbite and knew he was slowing them down.

Sadly, as history relates, no one survived the expedition. But Captain Oates's courage, recorded by Scott in his journal which was later found with the rest of the team's bodies, will be remembered for as long as their are people to remember it. Oates's body was never found.


JoJo said...

I never heard that story before. How sad but what a noble deed.

Eliza said...

It was a remarkable act of selflessness, and it should be remembered with pride, expecially as selfishnes seems to be the norm these days

vikeau said...

That was the Shackelton(sic)Expedition, right? Really excellent story of exploration, comradie and sacrifice. I read the book based on Capt. Scott's jounal. Really good and quite sad.

val said...

Vikeau, you gave your own answer. It was the Scott expedition. All were lost. Despite being stuck in the ice over winter, the Shackleton group got home safely.

vikeau said...

Duh. Sorry I get my polar expeditions mixed up. I remember plots and story lines but titles and names always seem to elude me. Well at least I didn't confuse it with Capt. Perry's expedition to the North Pole.

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