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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sky's The Limit

Or rather, Sky is the limit.

Last week, an episode of Criminal Minds on Sky Living was in its final quarter. It was a bit odd that the scene that should be showing was in a box at the bottom of the screen while other things were going on on the main screen. But then just as the demented dad was saying goodbye to his sick, dying son there was a voice-over, loud and prolonged, advertising the next programme, that drowned the moving dialogue out completely.

I managed to find a way to email them (they make it as difficult as possible), but recorded the programme on +1 and next day confirmed that they hadn't changed a thing. So I'll never hear the tear-jerking words spoken in that scene.

And the reply from Sky? "Thank you for your email regarding Criminal Minds.I can confirm your comments have been noted and passed on to Sky Living for there attention!!!

So not only do they employ unqualified amateurs in their continuity and technical departments, they pay people to answer emails - and be their interface with the public - who have very little grasp of correct English.

And for this "service" we pay.


judith said...

As long as they get our money they don't care about the quailty of the programm or the viewer..

bobbybegood1 said...

Good catch Val! Paying people to answer emails? I wonder what the US Dept of Vocations and Careers thinks about the prospects of email answering jobs? Ha! Well, at least, they confirmed your email. Cheers!!

vikeau said...

Oh man bobbybegood1 really, you know the DOT (Dictionary of Occupational Titles) And yes I'm sure there is now a job description for that. But val thanks for being a consumer watch dog.

Diane said...

I'm sick of trying to hear dialogue over thundering so-called 'background music'...and occasionally watch commercials briefly interrupted by programmes....

JoJo said...


ann said...

val, try activating the subtitles option - that way you'll read what he said even though you couldn't hear it :-)

val said...

There's thought, ANn. Still destroy the mood, though :(

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