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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Throwing caution to the wind

Earlier in the year, when I realised I had gazillions of pairs of earrings and they just weren't getting enough wear, I had a second hole pierced in each ear. I imagine you can guess what happened next - I started to buy more earrings! So now I'm back to square 1.

I've been thinking about getting a third set of holes done, but kept putting it off. Well, today, I went for it. Imagine these amethyst studs as just tiny dots a couple of millimetres across and you have the idea.

Now I have to wonder what will happen if they get sore or infected over the impending 3-day holiday...


Eliza said...

You're a braver woman than me..the one hole I have on each ear very rarely have rarely that I practically have to re-pierce them every time :-)

vikeau said...

Oh, val, I too am an earring lover. I only have the one hole for each ear, but I have a different pair each day. I don't wear makeup but without earrings, I feel naked. I say go for it. Just make sure you do a dab of alcohol and you'll be fine.

Ruby said...

I notice that Eames has multiple holes for earrings, too, so this makes you very star-worthy, Val! I have NO piercings of any sort, so needless to say, I rarely wear earrings. I think they're very pretty, but they're really not "me" anyway.

JoJo said...

Those are such pretty studs!!! You wanna hear the sad irony with me is that I'm allergic to metal so I can't wear earrings anymore, esp. not studs. The jewelry maker who can wear jewelry. :(

BTW, I STILL have your necklace saved to send to you!!! lol

Anonymous said...

You're almost caught up to me, Val...I have seven.

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