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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Who Knew?

I'm sure we all recognise Linus Roache, the last ADA in Law and Order before it was killed off. But I think my British readers might be surprised to learn who his dad is:
Yes, folks, it's William Roache, Coronation Street's Ken Barlow since the show first aired in 1960.

Linus appeared as the original Peter Barlow in the show back in 1975. Last year he reappeared as a completely different character after Peter's role had been re-established using a different actor. In December last year the character was killed off in a live episode involving a disaster striking the street.

Linus' mother is the actress Anna Cropper, who is one of those people of whom you say, oh yes, I recognise her. What's she been in?

So there you have it, interesting but useless fact of the day. And if some of you already knew this -I wish you'd told me before!


JoJo said...

Coronation Street runs on the CBC but I have never watched it. I'm not sure many Americans have heard of this show; I only know it b/c it was on here in Washington.

judith said...

Thanks for that info. Val. It was all news to me. I have'nt watched Coronation Street for many,many years now. In fact I watch none of the soaps.

Eliza said...

I knew it, but only because my son buys newspapers(I use that term loosely) that tend to have showbiz gossip in. Haven't watched Corrie for years,don't really watch any of the soaps to be honest :-)

potzina said...

I don't know who are these persons. I've never heard about Coronation Street, William Roache or Anna Cropper. And I don't remember Linus as ADA! I'm completely in the dark!

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