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Monday, April 04, 2011

Season 8 in the Proper Order

It always looked stupid having the episodes out of order. First he's got long hair, then short, then long again (even within the same episode), his beard frows and shrinks (OK, that one's easier to achieve for real) and his progress from coping with tragedy to getting it back together is like a seesaw. So here's Goren in the right order. First off, Faithfully.
We begin with Bobby enjoying a meal with family we didn't know he had, including a niece who cannot actually exist. He meets up with eames at the Staten Island Ferry. And so we are treated to an episode full of delicious hairiness.


Anonymous said...

I was always confused about this niece - I figured it was a daughter of a half-sister? Maybe he sought out Bradys other kids? IDK I would like some clarification if anyone knows....

I love the long curly hair.

JoJo said...

Perhaps I missed it, but when or where do they ever mention that the person he dined with in this episode was his niece? I could've sworn it was a cousin.

val said...

JoJo, he showed her picture to Eames and said, "That's my niece" and she said, "She looks cute."

potzina said...

This niece is a complete mystery. I was very surprised by this "new" family.

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