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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Love and Hate

The reason I hate organised religion is, any evil nutcase can (and does) use it as an excuse to bash in any way he chooses (usually mortally) any other "faith" and its adherents. Take Pastor Terry Jones. Can anyone put their hand on their heart and swear that fundamentalist Christians like him are any less wicked and scary than fundamentalist Muslims. Or fundamentalist Jews? They are not about love; not Man's love for Man (and definitely NOT man's homosexual love for man); not love of the planet; not even love of the god they profess to follow - a god of love, of course, but love only for them. This total fruitcake's disrespect for those of a faith different from his own has sparked the total fruitcakes spawned by that different faith to massive retaliation, as the military terminology goes. He burns a copy of the Quran, they fool their ill-informed followers into murdering innocent people who were only there to help them. Christians, Muslims and Jews all worship the same god. Which religion worships him (of course it must be a Him, if there is such a being) correctly is something they can all agree to disagree on. I'm sure the extremists on both sides will find excuses for centuries to come try and hammer each other into either acceptance or oblivion. Stuff your hate, Jones and others of your ilk. My blog-buddies and I have found a being to love unconditionally. He may not be supernatural or divine (in the religious sense) but he is the D'Evine one.


JoJo said...

Well said Val!!! IMHO, religion is the biggest threat to the planet and all the life on it.

potzina said...

Well said, Val! I totally agree with you.

Tess said...

There have always been fanatics and sadly there always will be..

Eliza said...

There was a Louis Theroux programme on last night about that Westboro(?) Baptist Church..I watched about 5 minutes before I turned it over in despair at the things they do. I do think religion has a place in society ,but fanatics spoil it, just like they do for most things

judith said...

I watched all of that program and what can you say.........It was frightening. I am so glad I don't believe in God.

sixtwosue said...

Sometimes a religious word is appropriate, though, and to every word you wrote, I say: "Amen."

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