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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Well, statistics, anyway.

I've just been checking mine, and they are down to only about a fifth of what they used to be not so long ago.

I could do with some time to get back to my family tree, which has taken a back seat to my blog for several years, so if I start to post less in the near future, don't be surprised.

At least those who are reading this have remained faithful, not just to me, but to Vincent.


Eliza said...

I noticed a drop in my visitors too, I guess some of the 'faithful' decided not to be after V left CI last time..funny how so many people said they'd carry on supporting Vincent whatever, then drifted away when he wasn't on tv so much.Their loss I supppose..and thats the end of my rant :-)

I've been trying to sort the website out, in between everything else, but I'm not sure anyone visits that either anymore

judith said...

It's so sad when something comes to an end. I miss the headed days of all this. All the best wit your family tree Val. Post any interesting things you think we might like. Who knows you might be related to Dick Turpin or even have royal blood gushing through your veins!

JoJo said...

You are going to post less? B/c you have had a drop in blog traffic?

I dont' even know how to track my visitors, and I am sure mine will drop too b/c of having to go invite-only.

T'Jara said...

I depends on what tracking service you use (Google Analytics and Blogger never agree on the number of my visitors) and I also think blogger does not count those who receive some other form of notification. These days, with email updates, feeds, etc. it's so easy to follow a blog without ever visiting it.

Tess said...

Visitors are down at The Cat too. Oh well...As long as we have Vincent that's all that matters :)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog (and all of your blogs!) :)

sixtwosue said...

I'll bet once May 1 rolls around, you'll see more traffic. But you and the others really make my day with your VDO blogs.

Jean said...

I love all your blogs very very much!!!! They make each and every one of my days!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd still blog if no one dropped by, 'cause it's all for love of VINCENT, not foot traffic. We shouldn't be surprised that some vanished as fast as LOCI ratings sank with FlyBoy at the helm. It's not the first time it's happened ;0)

potzina said...

Well, my blog isn't dedicated to VDO (what a shame) but my stats drop too since few weeks.
Your blog is great: if you want to post less, OK but don't stop it, pleeeease!

Anonymous said...

As you know Val your blog is the first I stumbled upon and fell in love with at first site. I would miss it terribly if you stopped. But I also understand the commitment it take to maintain one. While numbers may have decreased I believe they will return once Bobby is back on the scene.

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