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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get Stoned, Baby!

Ooooh, that title's in bad taste!

I'd like to be In The Dark with Bobby. Or Vincent. But in the light would be better still!


Frances said...

I would like to be the make-up artist and hairdresser who had to prep him before each taping. Yummo.

Eliza said...

In the dark...conjures up lots of possibilities :-D

3rd shot down...I went back for another look

sixtwosue said...

I could look into those beautiful brown eyes all day, but the sunglasses are a turn-on.

And I can't believe I'm noticing the women in this episode, but did wardrobe give Eames and the co-worker woman the same blouse?

mauigirl said...

All the pix are delicious, but you know which one I like. Blue shirt-no jacket-shades-hands behind his back-weapon at the ready. I recall seeing this epi for the first time, and when that scene popped up, I think I had to change my panties.

potzina said...

Terrible storyline but yummy Bobby!

Anonymous said...

BIZARRE story, but then, I don't take much notice of those when he's on screen ;0)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Val, how you tease us with Bobby in the blue shirt and vest.
Thanks for that.

Ruby said...

I'm with you, Maui! The one with no jacket is luscious!!

JoJo said...

Oh SIGH that last photo is to DIE for!

a said...

he does look somewhat messed up in pix 4 and 6. Not that I am implying that he would ever partake, that's just how the pix look to me.

The shirtsleeves and sunglasses pic is super yummy!

anactingnurse said...

all I can manage to say is: WOW!!!

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