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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Future Planning?

When Nicole found Bobby's details in Anti-Thesis, there could be no particular reason for it being August 20 1961...unless they already had in mind that he was conceived on the night Kennedy was elected.

Which means they had the whole storyline already in mind in which his mother cheated on her husband, who wasn't therefore his father, and she flipped because of the attack by the man who would turn out to be Bobby's father and a serial rapist/killer.

Or else they took advantage of a convenient coincidence to embroider the whole story at a later date.

What wouldn't Nicole have done to get that little nugget of information?


JoJo said...

I was always curious about the birthdate as well. Although those aren't real US Social Security Numbers, as none of them start with "8" (they are only up to "6" now). I admit to having to do some mental math when all the details of his life came spilling out, being conceived in November of 1960, therefore having a birthday in August of 1961.

It's one of those 'what came first, the chicken or the egg' questions, whether or not Bobby's back story was already known at the time we first meet Nicole, or if they tied it in together later. And considering they don't seem to be big on continuity, I am surprised that anyone remembered to make sure that his date of conception in Nov. 1960 matched up with the Aug. 1961 birthdate.

Eliza said...

I'd never thought about it before..but I guess I always figured they conjured the date out of thin air and then made it fit later??

Can you imagine if Nicole found out about Brady? I'm sure she would have used it to destroy Bobby completely, one way or another :-(

Tess said...

Oh God, if Nicole had found out about Brady..*Cringes*

mauigirl said...

Ooooh, this is very interesting! I'm gonna have to go with the birth date came first, then they backtracked and found something significant to fit his conception. And this is why I think this....Nicole, being what she is(was), would have somehow found evidence of Mama Goren's infidelity, she certainly knew about his dad, and if Brady's name came up, she never would let that slip by. It would be wonderful Bobby-torture for her.

Anonymous said...

Thank God she hadn't found out about Brady. The torture, enough already.

Lovely caps Val. Personal Instructions for viewing: Scroll down and repeat and repeat again and again....

Anonymous said...

...or it could have been one of the writer's birth dates, or there could have been no particular reason for that date at all ;0)

It DOES pain me that we know when Bobby's birthday is because of ol' 'Heart in a Box' tho (may she toast in hell)

potzina said...

I never though about it... I was simply interested because Vincent is older than Bobby and I don't know why!

Ruby said...

Gee, I never realized that was the date he could/would have been conceived! How brilliant of you to catch that! Now that line in "Endgame" makes more sense to me!

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