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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creepy Creep

The slimey perp in this makes me want to heave. What did those women see in him to like or trust?


Ruby said...

OMG! I LOOOVVVVVE it when he smashes those dumbells together!! WOOF!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I doubt that little squirt could have lifted those dumbells!

sixtwosue said...

What always puzzled me about this episode is why the perp didn't get rid of the weights after the Big Stud first picked them up and commented on them. But I love the smashing part, too, so I'm glad he didn't.

Miex said...

I never really understood the plot lol. Bobby looks just too gorgeous to pay attention to the story. WOOF!

JoJo said...

Yeah that dude was so skeevy and gross!!!!

I see we are all in agreement on how hot the dumbbell smashing is.

greeneyesbell1 said...

dumbbell scene rocked...and that dude was a little creep.the actor that plays him is a pretty good actor though,Frank Whalley is his name i think,he also had a part in the movie The Winner,with Vincent also...:)

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