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Saturday, January 08, 2011

A biblical history of telecommunications in the UK

In the beginning was the Post Office, and it ran our phones as well as the mail.

Then lo! There was Mrs Thatcher, and it came about that she sold off all the family silver, including British Telecom, which was ours, but which we could now own shares in, if we paid, and if we did not, it was not ours any longer.

And the new owners did say, This name is too long, let it be named BT. And it was so.

And it did happen, that a BT broadband connection was so expensive that most people chose another path, though many paths did use the BT path to get to their online destination.

The Val did use the satellite TV provider Sky to connect to the internet, but Lo! it did use the BT telephone line. And the telephone line did bust, and this was just before the Weekend, which doth include the Lord's day, when ye engineers do not work except on huge overtime payments, and for ye Big Business only.

And so it came about that The Val's internet connection was dead. And being a creature addicted to ye internet, The Val did go to the O2 shop and did buy a Dongle, which did take 30 minutes to get to work (despite the ease with which ye salesman did say it would be set up) and it did work slowly. But it did work! And Lo! The Val did get online and read her emails, and she did post on her blog. And all was well with the world.

And The Val did say, "Who the hell called these blighters Dongles?"


Anonymous said...

The cable/internet connection/telecommunications business is the biggest racket in the world. I'm holding my breath for when Comcast completes their merger and the effect it will have on all of the subscribers. If it interferes with my ability to watch the final season of CI, heads will roll. These companies have us by the balls no matter where in the world we live.

JoJo said...

I'll be honest....I'm not sure I understood a word of that post Val. lol Dongles? Hmmmm.......

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Val! LOL

Eliza said...

I've often thought about getting a dongle..just for emergencies..the idea of being without the internet is frankly frightening these days. I rely on it for such a lot of things

Well done for setting it up..I'll know who to turn to if I do get one :-)

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you just said, but it sounds painful!

mauigirl said...

Exactly!! I love how this was written Val, very clever. Don't know what a Dongle is, but apparently I should have one on hand for, uhhh, Dongle emergencies.

judith said...

OH. Val!Your writing is wonderful.
I wonder if I should get a Dongle?
What is it and will it hurt?

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