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Saturday, January 08, 2011

One Sound Body

And a bunch of corpses.

Due to dead slow speeds I'm just posting one slideshow, but it's a favourite.


judith said...

One of mine too.

JoJo said...

*pant pant* I watched it through 3x. I do love this episode and scene. Although Connie's little Manson-speech at the end when they were dragging him from the room makes us both laugh.

sixtwosue said...

That "ouch" gets me every time. Clearly showed how delusional Connie was in that he thought a pipsqueak such as himself could take a stud like Goren. And then when he brags about it in "ITWSH," it's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

OUCH!!! Love it. Another really great episode.

Anonymous said...

"Ouch!" wasn't the only thing I said!

potzina said...

"Ouch", indeed! I love this scene. Connie is so conceited that he makes me laugh.

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