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Friday, December 31, 2010

Very Interesting Person

For some reason known only to themselves, the newish satellite channel Quest didn't actually show A Person of Interest, ending the (wonderfully widescreen) season with Zoonotic, just as they had started it with Best Defense, and showed Dead later.

I've been gradually transferring the episodes to the HDD of my DVD recorder, and yesterday I edited some and tried to put them on to DVD.

The instructions are dire. I need some experimentation before being able to offer widescreen pictures of Season 1 and 2.

Meanwhile, here are some of the regular pictures:


JoJo said...

All I want to do is comfort Bobby in this one. Bitch got him good. :(

Anonymous said...

Well done on avoiding all but the hair on the head of old 'heart-in-a-box'

DrowseyMonkey said...

Oooh...those are delish :) Love the open shirt ... which is funny 'cause it's only 1 button ... but such an important button.

Ruby said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

potzina said...

Happy New Year, Val! Thanks for those wonderful caps. It's a good way to start this new year!

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