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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Two Blind Mice

Well, dead ones, actually.

As I was about to clean out the hens today, I noticed that there was a dead mouse in the corner of my garden room, killed and brought in by one of the cats, then just left. I was going to put it into one of the bags of rubbish when the clean-out was finished.

At one point, I let the girls into the room, where a heater was on, providing them with the only source of heat they've had for weeks. Suddenly, Pansy's head snapped round, and she grabbed a dead mouse in her beak. But not the same mouse, one I hadn't spotted. She banged into the glass door in her hurry to get it outside so that she could throw it around, "kill" it for herself, then eat it.

I picked up the one I had noticed by the tail and threw it to Poppy, who looked at it bewildered. After a few moments, she pecked at it, and was beginning to show some interest, when Pansy, having finished hers, came and stole the other one. There followed a chase round the garden, in which Poppy kept trying to get her share, or at least some pointers, while Pansy repeatedly grabbed her spoils and ran away, unwilling to risk losing this extra treat.

Anyone reading this over supper?


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we know who's boss.
I'm thinkin' I need to get myself a mouser chicken. Caught a couple of the rascal last week getting into the cookie decorating goodies.

Tess said...

Ummmmmm. Yuck.

Sandy said...

Oh, I hate those things! I scream and run as far as I can, whether they are dead or not. Thank God, In the 30 years we have lived here I have only had to deal with them twice, and then my hubby actually took care of them. YUCK!!!

Eliza said...

I think that was more yuck than the first time you mentioned the chickens liking mice..although that could just be down to me having indigestion already.Sounds like Pansy would be more efficient than my cats at keeping the mouse population under control

mauigirl said...

How is it chickens are not vegetarians? I never thought they'd eat meat.

Ruby said...

Good point, Maui. I didn't know that either. Val, you've got some special chickens there!

JoJo said...

I am glad I waited till today to read this *urp*

fuzzytweetie said...

As far as I know, they'll eat anything: insects, seeds, grains, mice, dead chicks.....

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