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Monday, December 27, 2010

Anyone for Marcus Aurelius?

I have an "A" level in Latin. (For my non-UK readers, that's the exam you take at 18, and on whose grades university entry depends.)

I've read Virgil, and Horace, and Julius Caesar. I've parodied Catullus.

I have never read Marcus Aurelius. Although the name is familiar, I don't think I ever knew anything about him.

Unlike all these amazingly erudite people in the NYC law enforcement team.


JoJo said...

I like this episode a lot too. Love when he's dancing in the recording studio.

We used to call our friend Mark, "Marcus Aurellius" but all we knew is that MA was a Roman, and Mark was Italian. lol

Anonymous said...

I guess it's a prerequisite for being in the Major Case Squad ;0)

samuela said...

I think I translated something from Marcus Aurelius' at the "liceo" (i.e. your grammar school more or less). Basically he was a an emperor who happened to be a major Stoical philosopher as well. A brilliant mind indeed, 'though his pieces of thought are nowadays being recycled in the New Age rubbish (well, what isn't?).

potzina said...

You're right. Sometimes I think that Bobby is so brilliant he should have had to work at NASA rather than being a cop!

T'Jara said...


Scio me nihil scire.

Interstingly, in spite of learning both ancient languages (Latin & Greek), I never translated any of Marcus Aurelius either. I do know the firt lines of the Illiad, in Ancient Greek, but that'd be another episode ;-)


havers said...

The studio scene and BABY...too hilarious and I love the shared head set in the school and the SON music.

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