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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Swedish Justice

This is Shrien and Anni Derwani. They were on honeymoon in South Africa when their cab was hijacked. He was ejected, she was abducted and later found murdered. Anni was a Swedish national, Shrien is British.

The cabbie was charged with murder, along with two accomplices, but he also implicated the groom, saying Shrien had paid them to kill his new wife.

South Africa has asked for him to be extradited. He was remanded, but later released on bail.

Compare this to the case of Julian Assange. Although governments have announced that lives would be put at risk through his Wikileaks, the worst that seems to have happened is the severe embarrassment of numerous government officials.

He has been accused of two sexual assaults in Sweden, and has been remanded pending extradition. Word is that the assaults are old news and were previously dismissed. Are Swedish strings being pulled?

Certainly Sweden is now trying to pull the strings of British justice. Assange has been granted bail by a British court, but Sweden has appealed, so he remains in jail.

A suspected murderer walks free. A suspected assailant stays banged up. Make sense to anyone out there?


JoJo said...

No, it makes no sense at all. Our world is circling the drain...

Anonymous said...

????What the heck is going on with the justice system???Scary!

potzina said...

It makes no sense. Justice, pff! Life's worth nothing for these people. They're only interested by money and power.

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