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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Maybe not Tomorrow, but soon

I have finally, after a couple of months(!) had a reply from Hallmark/Universal as to why the had the caption "I'm staying" on a picture of The Fly in their changeover ads, when he was actually going and Bobby was coming back. They said:

"We unfortunately did not have time to go back and create a new promotion and get it on air in time for the premiere of the series. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused."

In reply to my suggestion that they repeat LOCI from the start, they said:

"This is something that we are currently exploring but are not able to confirm at the moment."

I wonder if there's any chance of them showing it in widescreen?

Meanwhile, here's a taster of what it was we fell in love with way back when.


JoJo said...

I loved this episode too. Great slide show and I love the sparkly effect!!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow! Seems like such a long time ago. Great ep.

fuzzytweetie said...

"Currently exploring" translates as "we have NO fucking idea".

sixtwosue said...

Really, I'm just going to let this Hunky Slide Show go on there in the background all day. Thank you for the pleasant diversion from the dreck that I'm working on in the other window.

Ruby said...

Beautiful, Val!

Anonymous said...

Given the UK is 'Digital' mad - or at least, the TV media is! - it amazes me that the dear old 'ex' Hallmark channel are unable to show something in widescreen. Maybe they should throw another lump of coal on the steam boiler that obviously runs their channel!

samuela said...

"But now you have to think for yourself, you have to think for yourself" Bobby's whole bitter experience in that caring and pleading advice. LOCI at its best, Goren was just classic Goren and Vincent was a pure thing of beauty. And a joy for ever of course, not just for tomorrow.

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