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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Torrid Tuesday

Just imagine...

those hands gripping your face

those bedroom eyes in the bed

that passion

being underneath

being kissed with that nose squashed on your cheek

that moodiness

those jeans and their contents

that finger

those lips

those lashes

He lightened his hair for this role, and I've just realised it looks as if he lightened his eyebrows, too. Actually, he even looks as if he lightened his eyes!


JoJo said...

Those are such beautiful caps. And don't forget his original and adorable overlapping teeth!

Ducky said...

Oh yes...YES!!! *thud*

Eliza said...

none of that is hard to imagine..I dare say most of us imagine it as often as we breathe :-D

Great selection of pics..just right for a dreary Tuesday

Anonymous said...

Sam has got to be one of the hottest, sexiest characters Vincent portrayed. IMHO.
He makes my mouth water...slurp!
That gorgeous jawline makes my head spin.

SnarkAngel said...

No wonder Greta was so bitter when he left her. LOL

fuzzytweetie said...

He lightens my heart!

Music Wench said...

Never saw this movie but this makes me think it has to be put higher up on my priority list.

In the meantime I will check back here and look at these caps to tide me over. :-)

Ruby said...

Just delicious caps, Val! Yes, THIS Sam is another one of my all-time favorite V-characters! Just a sweet, sweet man who got such a raw deal!

Anonymous said...

He was the only good thing in that movie; no surprises there then :0)

potzina said...

I imagine so well! :D Not my favorite VDO movie but I like Sam, he's too cute.

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