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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

NOT mine

I've mentioned before how much stuff I buy at Marks and Spencer, especially in summer from their extensive range of skirts and tops. I also buy quite a lot of food there, and sup in their cafe at least once a week.

It was from there that I bought my pretty pink Sony computer, not least because they offered a free two-year warranty. The company's reputation for good service was very persuasive.

Well, something has gone wrong. There is a gradually expanding multi-coloured line across the bottom of the screen obscuring the control bar. I phoned their tech line Sunday before last, where a young man named Ryan promised to refer the case to a computer expert on Monday, to see if the problem could be solved by instructions down the phone, or if the computer might need a new screen. He asked me to email him pictures of the screen to show the problem, and this I did, and included the times I would arrive home for the next three days.

No one phoned. I emailed again. Nothing. I referred the matter to the manager. Nothing. I emailed the company itself twice via their website. Nothing.

I have had to refer the case to the consumer watchdog. Offering such a guarantee when you do not actually implement it is tantamount to fraud, and I am determined to take this the whole way.

No, NOT mine.


JoJo said...

OMG Sony is just blowing you off? I'm really surprised by that!! How old is the computer?

Eliza said...

Good luck!! I do wish I had your attitude when it comes to getting the service I deserve..I'm more likely to smile and accept the crap. I need to grow a backbone I think :-)

Beverly said...

Me too Eliza. I hate even returning stuff to the store and asking for my money back If I happened to buy wrong thing. That's where my husband comes in, he doesn't put up with any shit. Good thing, otherwise I'd still be paying the bill for a broken cell phone one day past warranty, and a broken camera that I used only twice.
I admire your determination Val!

SnarkAngel said...

Go get 'em, Val!!

Music Wench said...

You get 'em, Val. I hate it when companies mess with you like that. I just had the weekend from hell courtesy of Sprint. When our contract is up we're looking for a new provider.

Hang in there and don't let them get you down!

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