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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time to say Goodbye

Don't worry. Not to me, or Vincent.

To the pink Sony computer.

Marks and Spencer have still not dealt with my complaint, which now includes just about every level of the so-called customer service provision within the company.

But one lone person has said he will refund the money I paid for the computer in July 2009. Tomorrow it goes back to the store forever.

I have saved everything I can find on to my spare hard drive. I have bought a new computer. The retailer has put a bunch of stuff on to the new one for me.

I ended up with another HP. They are a good company with good customer support, and even though PCWorld, where I've bought the new one, is about to be "exposed" on a TV programme Watchdog (in five minutes, in fact) I have never had a problem with my local store, and have purchased an extended service pack to go with the new machine.

The good things about it are more than I can tell you ('cos most of them went right over my head!) but it does have 6.5 hours battery life, and unlike the Sony can use AnyDVD so I can play all my foreign DVDs on it.

Thank you all for your advice on makes. A Dell was the winner amongst you, but it would have taken too long to get one ordered. Fujitsu were not available. I won't touch Toshiba (once bitten...) but your advice made me feel more secure, somehow.

All I have to do now is download all my programmes and upload all my pictures and documents.



Anonymous said...

I agree with you about HP; they are a great company, so good choice. However, I still feel sad that your very cool pink computer is going to the computer graveyard.

Music Wench said...

HP is a good choice. They make good equipment. I had one HP printer that lasted 18 years. :-)

And good to hear you got someone to give you a refund!

Anonymous said...

I'm now completely paranoid! I back up every Sunday to my external hard-drive, AND my 'old' drive, which they put onto my new computer for me, AND to a memory stick....

No problem with HP, but McAfuck let in a virus that wiped Tess' computer out completely and then did the same to me, although, thank the gods, Vincent was 'spared'. The store I bought my computer from is refusing to recommend McAfee any more.

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