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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Special for Post 2800

For those of you who have already read the comments on the Beautiful Bill post, Sixtwosue left a great story about the filming, told to her by a fellow local who worked on the film:

'Our man is playing a fisherman in "MP," and as he likes to become the role, he told the guy I met who worked on the set that he'd like to spend the night on a real fishing boat. My guy set him up with a boat that was in the harbor. Our VDO, described by my guy as "still Kubrick crazy," went on board the boat and spent about 20 minutes there before he shouted back to my guy, "Get me off this *#!@&@ thing!" He was retrieved and brought back to shore; my guy described him as "green about the gills."

I think I saw a picture of VDO near or on a boat recently and it made me wonder if his seasickness has gotten any better.'



Beverly said...

What a great story. Thanks so much for sharing that with us Sixtwosue.
Seasick indeed. Poor guy, I can sympathize.

Diane said...

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Vincent got seasick. Since I'm not a great sailor either, it's just another thing we have in common, so CLEARLY we should be together ;0)

JoJo said...

Aw poor Vincent! I've never been seasick before, but Cape Codders are generally comfortable on the water and on boats from childhood. I do get carsick sometimes though.

potzina said...

A pic from my favorite part! Thanks, Val ;)

Music Wench said...

Poor Vincent. I have no idea if I get seasick or not. Every time I've been on a boat I always take Dramamine. My mom told me she really gets seasick. I get motion sickness from stop and go traffic if I'm a passenger in the back seat of a car so figure, I also get seasick. lol

sixtwosue said...

I'm glad you enjoyed that anecdote. It sounded like a fun little movie to make because the way he explained it, no one was famous yet (although apparently Julia already had a bit of an attitude), so they were all cool, hanging around and kicking back with locals.

The scene you posted always throws me off because if you're from the area, you know the boat is heading upriver, away from the open water, so it doesn't make any sense. Don't know why they choose to film things that way, but I guess Lili Taylor had more running room on the east bank of the river.

SnarkAngel said...

I guess that means he probably doesn't like water beds! LOL!

Jean said...

i took a ferry boat ride one time and i had to sit in the middle of the boat, pretend i was flying, we were going up and down so much!!! I feel him!!!!

jazzy said...

"Still Kubrick crazy" LOL!

mauigirl said...

Thank you for sharing this great story, sixtwosue. I've been on big and small boats, and the small ones seem to be the seasickening ones, especially if they're docked, just rocking and rolling but not moving.

jazzy said...

Oh mauigirl, just rocking and rolling but not moving ... sounds like fun if practiced with Sam.

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