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Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue and Frilly

Gotta love that wedding suit!


JoJo said...

Oh yes, that was some suit.... reminded me of the prom tuxedos of the early 1980's. Still, Loved Sam. And Jjaks too (Keanu has always been one of my crushes).

Is it true that Cameron slept w/ Vincent during this movie? I have heard that rumour but never anything to substantiate it.

Anonymous said...

...and once again, his sweet curls had been tortured into straightness!

If she DID sleep with him, good for her, but I doubt we'll ever hear Vincent confirming or denying it ;0)

Ruby said...

Wonderful caps, Val! Thanks for the memories!

Music Wench said...

I didn't know who Vincent was when I saw this movie. I remember feeling sorry for him having to wear THAT tux. lol

If I were her I'd have slept with him. ;-)

Anonymous said...

JoJo, you love Keanu? Me too.

Cameron and Vincent together? If anyone's going to be in denial it will be me. Don't want to believe it.

SnarkAngel said...

I hate to admit this, but my prom (1978) tuxedo was in that same color!

Tess said...

Only Vincent could make that Tux look sexy!

potzina said...

Snark, I'd like to see a pic of you with this suit! ;)

I love this film. It's strange because I can't stand Keanu and Cameron!

jazzy said...

Feeling Minnesota is still one of my fave VDO movies, when I watched it the first time (96 or so) I was like - Wow, that hottie is even a talented actor!

Snark, I'm sure you looked great anyway.

Jean said...

When I watched it way back when, even before my extreme VDO crush, I was totally destroyed when he and Courtney love didn't run off together in the end. Vincent should always get the woman he wants, though, that's what i think. I love the two of them on the side of the road... wonderful. Wonder if anyone still gets married in a tux like that these days.... Wouldn't Vincent have been great in the Matrix..... move over Ke.

sixtwosue said...

Can't say I blame her, but wow, it would be difficult to go from those big broad shoulders to scrawny Timberlake.

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