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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time Doesn't Fly

What a great day! My 9.40 hospital appointment time came and went, and I finally got to see the doctor at about 10.45. I then managed to make the poor woman's day run even later by spending 30 minutes discussing my condition.

My MRI scan last month has shown a torn rotator cuff, which will have to be repaired by keyhole surgery. It will be some months still, and I will have to try and foster out my chickens for a few weeks when the time comes. Unfortunately, the scan also showed signs of osteoarthritis in that shoulder, and when we discussed other bits of me, the doctor said she could see that the pain in my thumb joints was actually not tendonitis but also arthritis. She looked up an old x-ray of my feet to confirm that, before the one that said my feet were fine, there was one that said they weren't!

One or two other things took a lot longer than I intended. Lunch in Marks and Spencer's cafe went on for about twice as long as I'd intended when the former deputy warden of the nursing home where my mother died turned up, and we had a long chat. On the way home I stopped to chat with a couple of neighbours, one of whom recently had a hip replacement, so I had to find out all the details of that incase my other hip ever needs replacing.

I thought I would make an early start on the computer, as I had a couple of emails I was anxious to send, and I also needed to cap Slither for tonight's post. Sadly, after taking about half an hour to turn on, and about the same time to reboot, it STILL wouldn't play my DVD. Nor would it open myYahoo mailbox. Thank goodness I cleared this crap Toshiba out almost completely with a view to giving it to my friend, then changed my mind and kept it, 'cos it's currently the only one that moves at anything like a reasonable speed.

One of the things I took off was my watermark, and as usual I couldn't remember what script I used for it, so Slither will look a bit inferior to my more recent caps. They are also somewhat smaller, as I couldn't remember the cap size I used either.

Of course, you may know that by now if I've actually managed to post some Slither pictures, in which case, why did I even bother to write this post in the first place? Answers on a postcard, please.


Anonymous said...

Oh Val...phooey. Some days its just best to stay in bed. Today would have been a good day. Hope tomorrow is better for you.
I'm sorry to hear that more surgery is needed. What a body has to go through!

JoJo said...

They can repair a rotator cuff by keyhole surgery? Good to know. I was diagnosed w/ one back in California in 1998. But the dr. said he wouldn't know till he got in there if I'd be in a sling for 2 weeks or 6. Since I can't be w/o the use of my right arm that long, I've been living w/ the pain and restriction. Good luck to you!!

SnarkAngel said...

Good luck with your future surgery, Val! My dad just had a hip replacement and he's doing great.

Music Wench said...

Growing old is not for the timid! I hope your future surgery goes well, too.

Eliza said...

Sounds like you had quite a day..can I suggest you take a day soon to do nothing but watch V?? :-D

Good luck with whatever they decide to do to you, whenever they decide to do it!

Anonymous said...

My mother had a call from her doctor Monday morning (a miracle in itself!), telling her she needed to get herself to hospital for some urgent tests/attention. My parents left home at 9.45am, and got back back at 4.20pm, having had nothing to eat or drink all day as they were pinged from one place to another, so I'm sure they'd agree with you that time most decidedly did NOT 'fly'.

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