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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hallmark Catches Up - Almost

On October 20th Hallmark Channel (or Universal, as it will be known by then) will begin showing Season 9. They are advertising it as Goren's last ever case.

They need to keep up.


Tess said...

Personally, I think they should skip season 9 and wait for Bobby's return..

mauigirl said...

I'm with you, Tess. For me, they could skip season 8 and 9, just go from season 7's Frame, to the new season 10 episodes. We can pretend seasons 8/9 were a nightmare!

JoJo said...

Great minds think alike, Mauigirl, as you will see from my upcoming blog post on 10/1. I named "Frame" as the last time I watched a new episode of LOCI.

Don't know if anyone remembers "Dallas" but remember that one season when they killed off Bobby Ewing? Then the following year they brought him back and explained it away as Pam's nightmare? Maybe they should do that with LOCI's Seasons 8 & 9!

Eliza said...

As I'm resolutely ignoring S9 for now, I'm not too bothered about Hallmark showing it...S10 on the other hand....:-D

By the time 5 get round to it we'll either have already seen S10 online, or have some idea of storylines and I might just manage to watch the S9 episodes with an open mind

SnarkAngel said...

I suppose that Hallmark will then start airing the Goldblum-exclusive episodes right around Halloween. Scary stuff. How appropriate.

Music Wench said...

I'm with Tess. Season 9 was a throw away.

And Jojo, I remember that whole 'it was just a dream' thing. lol Maybe Goren can be awakened by a call from Ross and realize the whole thing was just a nightmare. :-D

Jean said...

I feel like i should watch season 9 now that i know VDO's coming back.... i haven't seen any of the shows that don't have Vincent, even the Noth ones back in the day. the whole thing was just a teeny little nightmare, though, that's cool. Bobby can pass me a glass of water. :)

Ruby said...

I know most of the Season 8 episodes weren't conceived very well, but OMG I loved Bobby in that season! Big, beautiful, beefy, burly, bear-like Bobby!!! WOOF!!

jazzy said...

Good idea, JoJo and mauigirl. Wasn't Bobby Ewing in the shower when Pam woke up? I think 'OUR' Bobby in the shower would make a GREAT start on S10!

Cap #2 is heavenly, Val.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bobby will be wandering around wearing the 'Universal' logo on his head, rather than the 'Hallmark one?!

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